Andi Arifaj

Andi Arifaj

Tiranë, AL


4A House

The site is located in a dense urban area in Tirana. The program consits of a house + office for an architect. Considering the dens movement between the main street on the northern front of the site and the second street on the opposite the site the house is raised from the ground in order to create a free flowing space dedicated to the city. The dimension of the site are 14x9 meters, on both sides of the site are two red brick buildings with pitched roofs consisting of three floors. By offsetting both sides of the building the breathing factor becomes a prominent feature of the house. The office is an open plan space dedicated to the architecture office, with the meeting table positioned on the north with the main street view. The apartment level consists on three main function areas and spaces. The living area, kitchen and dining, followed by the bathrooms, service area and the sleeping area. Positioning on the south the living area, on the north the sleeping area, in the middle the bathrooms and on the east side a corridor which links the areas by a free flowing space without doors. The stairs are positioned on the east side of the house and are separated from the two other programs of the building thus creating a free flowing space on its own which links ground level (urban space) with the office on the 1st floor and house on the 2nd floor. 
The brick is the material which dominates the context. By deconstructing the joints of the brick walls, the main facade of the house forms a pattern which acts as a filter for the city to the interior vice versa. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Tiranë, AL