Amrou Said

Amrou Said

Oak Forest, IL, US


Green Shuffle Tower

The tower consists of a bundle of 27 columns, having dimensions of 36’ x 36’ x 636’. Voids are created
and shifted vertically in each column of the bundle to create public and private outdoor green spaces. In
addition, voids are shifted at the base of the tower to create an open plaza, and as a result the tower appears
to be oating. The tower meets the ground at three points, which allows people to engage the building in
three ways. The north core permits access to the indoor city and the sky lobby. The west core permits access to an indoor park and sky lobby. The east core allows direct access to the sky lobby. It is at the sky lobby the three cores end and a new core, known as the central core, which allows access to the rest of the tower, begins. The oors above the sky lobby consists of a combination of residential, retail, and oce programs.

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Status: School Project