Amrou Said

Amrou Said

Oak Forest, IL, US


Collective Magnet

The city of Chicago is famous for its divided communities and diverse cultural
neighborhoods. Navy Pier is its current state acts as a separate entity, not fulfilling
the social desires of the greater Chicago metropolitan area. In addition,
Navy Pier serves more as a tourist attraction rather than a source of entertainment
for Chicagoans. The relationship between the city of Chicago and Navy
Pier is like two magnetic poles repelling each other. In order to remedy the
problem, the polarity must be changed in order for Navy Pier to truly be a part
of city itself. The solution involves placing programs that are very different to
each other together, and as a result would cause connectivity between the two,
like opposite magnetic poles. In the end, Navy Pier would be an ideal social
condenser, attracting the great diversity of Chicagoans to the various programs
the Pier would provide.

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Status: School Project