Amrou Said

Amrou Said

Oak Forest, IL, US


Folded View

The site proposal would be located in Chicago on corner of North Ave and Sedgwick St. This multi-use
building on the is conned to a lot with the dimensions of 25’ x 104’. The local environment and the division
of the public and private programs heavily dictates the design of Folded View through three series of folds.
The barrier between the public and private sectors fold inward to provide a clear distinction between the two
areas. The next series of folds obstruct the view of the adjacent ten story apartment, the Brown Line Station,
and at the top level, the building rooftops west of the site. The third set of folds allow the people of Folded
View to observe the great scenery around the site such as the Chicago Skyline, the greenery of Lincoln Park,
Stanton, and the historic site of Old Town Triangle. The obstructed folds are opaque walls that are skinned of
metal panels, and the remaining folds are transparent . Finally, the interior planning is designed to have areas
deemed to be private by the obstructed folds and those deemed as public by transparent folds.

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Status: School Project