Alejandra Novelo Lugo

Alejandra Novelo Lugo

Los Angeles, CA, US



developed in the bolsa chica wetlands in huntington beach california, the design for the care of sick and injured marine mammals that are stranded along the orange county coastline allows for a reconciliation between human activity and the healing mammals.  


by carefully considering sustainable disciplines, the building is initially oriented to allow natural air flor throughout the entire building site. the design maximizes the amount of natural light to enter the interior of the structure, mainly coming from the east and north. the radiation of the sun rays coming from the south bounces up and its released through the clerestory windows, keeping the building naturally lit. mammal primary care facilities are surrounded by thermal mas ground that acts an insulator maintaining it a comfortable temperature for the user. the design also allows for natural rain water to enter the site, rain water is then captured and fills the reservoir before taking its natural route off the site. by taking into account previous sustainable studies like cut and fill and natural shading practices the design then can be considerate as being regenerative because its practices create a net positive impact to the surrounding environment.

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Status: School Project
Location: Huntington Beach, CA, US