ALBERT ANGEL Architecture & Design

ALBERT ANGEL Architecture & Design

New York, NY



Our proposition for the Six Senses Hotel & Spa in Doha turns its site - a barren reclaimed island - into an other-worldly luxury retreat by drawing inspiration from the desert landscapes of Qatar. This series of twelve pavilions which accommodate guest suites, spa facilities, restaurant and other amenities emerge as a constructed desert landscape; at the center of each pavilion is a lush garden oasis. Each oasis creates a terrarium-like temperate habitat, and offers guests intimacy with private coves and secluded beaches. Guests navigate between the oases for different hotel experiences: each journey is designed as a meditative path, carefully sculpted within the landscape and offering select views of the city and beyond. The island itself becomes an oasis in the city, an escape from the surrounding towering developments.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Doha, QA
Additional Credits: Kevin Teague, Elango Govindan