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Strata @ DW

As part of the DW Architects Team we produced - The Strata

Inspired by the elements of earth, sky and water as decreed by the
surrounding desert mountains looming in the horizon, this bespoke
residence harmonizes a rich assortment of natural materials that strike a
delicate balance between artistic expression and scientific discipline.

The expansive private estate nestled on a large acreage in the Arizona desert is an homage to scale, complexity and pace. As stewards of the homeowner’s first ever endeavor to build the home of their dreams, Desert Star Construction labored tirelessly with a hand-selected team consisting of Drewett Works (architect), Michael Miller Design Associates (interior design) and nearly three dozen design, engineering, and specialty disciplines, plus thousands of expert team members working on and off site, to bring this one-of-a-kind Personal Resort® to life.

“Less is more” is the defining intention felt throughout the abode’s
sacred spaces, and yet the residence is large enough to allow the
homeowners to do anything they want. Clustered at the heart of the
property are multiple separate buildings, including the Main Residence,
an Arcade Building for gaming and entertainment, a Wellness Pavilion, a
Manager Suite for employees and a large Garage to hold their prized
collection of automobiles

While principally a house for two, STRATA has extensive guest
accommodations for the couple’s friends and family. Each space
thoughtfully brings forth a sense of warmth and welcome through a rich
assortment of natural materials comprised mainly of steel, wood,
concrete and rammed earth

A critical design element strategically and artistically integrated into
the construction of this house is SIREWALL – a structural rammed earth
wall system consisting of local soils and cement that are pneumatically
compacted into place. Rammed earth walls, once in place, are fully
permanent, thus the proper scheduling, programming, and coordination of
all building components and systems is required far in advance

For Team DSC®, building large, complex, and detail-oriented
residences is nothing new. As with every luxury home they have the honor
of helping their clients create, STRATA was an incredible feat in the
execution of uncompromising quality and precision

STRATA is the embodiment of teamwork. The forces that enabled the teams
working on this project to complete it at the highest level of
excellence are a legacy of service and humble leadership – values that
live vibrantly at the core of Desert Star Construction.

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Status: Built
Location: Private
Firm Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: Builder: Desert Star Construction
Architect: DW Architecture
Interiors: David Michael Miller & Associates
Landscape Design: Berghoff Design Group
Lighting: Creative Designs in Lighting
Photography: Werner Segarra
Videography: Phoenix Drone Service