Alejandro Carrasco

Alejandro Carrasco

Nottingham, GB


Fractured Tower

“Tall in the Water” international workshop held by the Venice Architectural Association and the IUAV, propose the development of tall buildings in the historic city of Venice. The projects developed during the workshop seek for the reactivation of an industrial area into a new hub of development. Together with the Palais Lumiere, a tall building developed by Piere Cardin, the Fractured tower expect to turn the industrialize site in a new tall building cluster.

The project agenda is a tower (150m to 160m tall aprox.) meant to be a focus point of the redevelopment of a dismissed industrial area in the southern residential zone of Maghera. The tower will also work as an important point between Maghera and Mestre, and as a gateway from the mainland to Venice and its lagoons.

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Status: School Project
Location: Venice, IT