Tel Aviv, IL


The Jerusalem Birds Observatory

The use of natural materials and the organic layout of the building were our basis for creating a center that maintains an integrated relationship with its environment, evocative of the birds’ natural habitat, the trees.

The observatory is the first project in Israel in which an undeveloped tract of land in the heart of a city was used to house a bird sanctuary and an environmental education facility. The site is one of the few traditional bird-watching areas in Jerusalem that has not been harmed by development, a small plot situated between the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and the Supreme Court building.

The building includes a bird observatory and study rooms for the birdwatchers.

The second stage of the building, that has not yet been executed, focuses on providing more spaces for exposing the observatory’s activities to the public. The new spaces include a study room for seminars and films and a gallery for nature-oriented exhibitions. The building features a grass-covered roof, once again illustrating the building’s unique integration into its environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Jerusalem Israel
Firm Role: architect