Tel Aviv, IL


Regional Municipality, Menashe



This three-story municipal building is planned as a civil center in the spirit of the modernist movement, reminiscent of many of the public buildings built in the first half of the previous century in the kibbutzes and moshavs of the area.

The first floor of the building houses the departments that receive the public: money collection, education, social services and psychological services. The last two departments have separate, more intimate entrances from the outside, enabling them to function independently and discreetly. The first floor offices are arranged around patio gardens that serve as a backdrop for the public waiting areas. Other departments, demanding less public accessibility, are situated on the intermediate floor, while management sits on the top floor.

The building pays special attention to the infiltration of natural light. All horizontal and vertical paths of movement and waiting areas have a direct visual connection to the outside: to the agricultural landscape of the surroundings or to the patio gardens interwoven with the building on the first floor. The clear and logical layout of the building, both in its organization and circulation, as well as in its form, enhances the feeling of openness and accessibility that a public building should provide for its users. It offers a simple yet elegant identity for a municipal city hall.


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Status: Built
Location: Menashe Region Israel
Firm Role: architect