Tel Aviv, IL


Private house, Sharon Israel

The steep topography of the site enabled us to create a two-level house with a separate garden for each level: a lower level for the children, and an upper level for the parents, with a view to the nearby sea. A grassy slope separates the house from the street, making it nearly invisible to passersby.

The parents’ unit, which includes a living area, kitchen, dining area and sleeping area, is designed as a loft, a single open space separated by furniture.

Because the two levels of the house are offset from each other, the upper level is cantilevered above the childrens’ garden, creating a shaded area in which to play.  The roof of the lower level creates a patio that extends the living area of the parents’ unit out in the direction of the sea. The two gardens are connected through the slope of grass that surrounds the house.

The house is built of exposed concrete set by timber planks formwork, with a relief of whitewashed walls.

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Status: Built
Location: Israel
Firm Role: architect