Yujue Wang

Yujue Wang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Caravanserai for urban nomads

A provisional settlement for a growing provisional workforce in a GIG economy.

A place to re-fine or re-invent a work life.

A Caravanserai functioned as the first mixed use project a depot, trading outpost, rest stop, and an informal storytelling salon for Traders and Travelers. Marco Polo, the Italian  and Ibn Batutta were travelers and storytellers, entertaining and educating the traders on the cultural richness that existed  . These depots supported the flow of culture and commerce across the network of trade routes that extended from Asia, across North Africa, and into southeastern Europe, primarily along the Silk Roads. Our speculation is that this is an historical model that has not been exhausted and is ready to be re-imagined in L.A., as a model for a new type of facility for creative production and exchange.

Our project will be a place for people whom are connected and on the move without expectation of permanent employment, ever. They are literally urban nomads, working freelance in an economy that is shape shifting in slow motion, for the next 3 decades. Long held business models and work regimens will dissolve and reconfigure. Historically, it has been the third quarter when the disruptions came to rest for a while before the next one. A settlement for the growing GIG workforce, freelancers, in residence on a short term basis,(6 months max) who want to live in a cooperative community, closer to the company they are contracted with. 
Some here are refining their capabilities and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve, and some others are included in a historical category of disrupted workforces. This will be the place to get back on the path and stay there. 

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Status: School Project