Yujue Wang

Yujue Wang

Los Angeles, CA, US



This course investigates issues related to the implementation of design: technology, the use of materials, systems integration, and the archetypal analytical strategies of force, order and character. The course includes a review of basic and advanced construction methods, analysis of building codes, the design of structural and mechanical systems, Environmental systems, Buildings service systems, the development of building materials and the integration of building components and systems. The intent of this course is to develop a cohesive understanding of how architects communicate complex building systems for the built environment and to demonstrate the ability to document a comprehensive architectural project and Stewardship of the Environment.

A series of built case studies will be presented by the instructors along with visiting professionals in the field who are exploring new project delivery methods. These case studies will be shown in-depth with construction photographs, 3D renderings, and technical drawings and details. Pertinent specific topics for the course will be highlighted in each presentation, with a focus on the evolution of building design from concept to built form.

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Status: School Project