Yujue Wang

Yujue Wang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Strange containers

Rather than presuming an architectural ontology where a building’s exterior expression (posture, shape, contextual linkages, social function) is primary, we will attempt to create architecture which inverts that implied hierarchy.

Some of the repercussions of this inversion are that architecture might tend to deflect semiotic readings through exterior muteness, and create a surprising internal density, language, scale, and even physics on its interior. Surprise and Opacity in architecture will be our primary aim.

Interiors could begin to contain objects and formations that might ordinarily be encountered on the earthen surface we refer to as ‘Land’, but in strange juxtapositions, awkward orientations, and improbable scales.
The project focused on the idea of architecture as container, which implies that things are contained inside, like a city in snow globe, a cornucopia, or a Japanese diorama.

The goal is to produce interior worlds which are surprising through different form-logics, orientation, materiality, strange scale ambiguities where the inner world might appear at one moment tiny and toy-like, and the next, vast and as big as a galaxy.

Avoiding a simple polarity between a mute exterior and a differentiated interior, our goal will be instead to allow interior formations to peek out and become partially visible by breaching their container and through glance-cutting operations where container and contained are conflated without literally fusing.

Special consideration will be given this semester to the degree to this mis-fitting of container and contained, and figuration produced through these operations.

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Status: School Project