Vahe' Ashodian

Vahe' Ashodian

Philadelphia, PA, US


Valley Square

Valley Square Town Center, Warrington, PA – [2004-2008 Project Architect] This 130-acre site in Warrington Township is located at the corner of Route 611 and Street Road. PZS recreated a small town square containing 400,000 s.f. of shopping space in Bucks County. Planned and executed LOD’s and CD’s of Core and Shell design of many one or two story steel frame construction buildings. Phase One included Michaels / Sports Authority and others. We utilized prefabricated masonry wall paneling for the service side façade and EIFS system w/ cast stone over metal studs throughout. Phase Two on a larger site, features 11 buildings with a central open gathering area, restaurants with outdoor seating, Café, BORDERS book store and various popular shops. The layout and atmosphere of the site evoke a typical main street of a small suburban town, featuring a two lane street, diagonal on-street parking, green sidewalks, landscaping and plenty of rentable office space on second floor of higher buildings. Valley Square Town Center is designed to be a destination within itself, encouraging more than simply running a quick errand. Prior to its completion until now several years later, I have provided Leasing outline drawings LOD’s to the owner and potential user tenant; And generated BOMA calculations necessary for all rentable office spaces.

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Status: Built
Location: Warrington, PA, US