STUDIO V Architecture

STUDIO V Architecture

New York, NY


Yonkers Raceway Empire City Casino Expansion

A dramatic curved façade features over 45 feet of frameless low iron glass in a 300-foot arc, creating a backdrop to a new landscaped courtyard and entry to the Yonkers Raceway and Casino. This sustainable garden is framed by an arched curtain of glass. A filigree of lights shine through the glass to create a white veil of lighting as a backdrop to the dramatic entrance structure that forms the new main entrance to the Empire City Casino.

The sculptural entrance structure is inspired by the unique landscape of “the hilltop track” at Yonkers Raceway. A massive steel lattice shell structure grows out of the hillside to create a sculptural entrance canopy that forms an exterior icon, and a dramatic antecedent to the excitement and activity of the casino interior. This will be covered in an innovative material, ETFE foil, and will be the largest structure of its kind in North America.

STUDIO V set out to completely re-invent the modern casino. The typical casino is a themed box cut off from its environment. In our design, a four-story high arc of frameless glass expresses the energy of the casino on the outside, and brings the drama of the unique landscape and architecture into the gaming hall.

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Status: Built
Location: Yonkers, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photos: Paul Warchol