Tbilisi, GE



The residential complex "Park Home" is located in the central urban area of Tbilisi. The complex is designed with contemporary architecture and recreational spaces in mind, resulting in the natural light actively piercing through the penthouse from two sides.

The apartment has been designed with a thoughtful open-plan layout and principles, which separates the daytime from the nighttime zone. The daytime zone features a multifunctional space consisting of the entrance hall, living, dining, kitchen, work and entertainment areas, which are all seamlessly interconnected. The nighttime zone includes the bedroom, dressing, bathroom, spa areas and the terrace.

The design is inspired by simple, clean shapes, and prominent materials such as wood and concrete. The color palette is dominated by darker neutral shades, creating a sense of calm and comfort. 

A series of carefully arranged furniture and decorative elements give attention to detail through shape and materiality and are assigned to project individualism. The sofa is a standout piece, accentuated by its design and texture. Its configuration allows for versatile use. The kitchen island is another focal point with its a sleek stainless-steel finish, creating contrast between the practicality of professional cooking with the warm aesthetics of an adjacent wooden dining table. The final details include a series of exceptional mixers, further reflecting the project’s individualism.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tbilisi, GE
Firm Role: Interior Design
Additional Credits: Beka Pkhakadze / George Bendelava / Magda Zandarashvili / Niko Malazonia / Giorgi Zakashvili / Archil Takalandze