Tbilisi, GE



The apartment is located in a contemporary residential building, enclosed within curtain walls that open up a splendid view to the city. Facade of the building is a composed of concrete, wood and steel.

As per request, the number of decorative elements were reduced to the minimum, therefore the core of the design lies in technical and functional solutions of the space.

Kitchen is coated with stainless steel panels, which due to its durability and sustainability is often used in professional kitchens around the globe. The same panels are used in the living room, where their uneven surfaces create an abstract play of lights and reflections, further enlarging the space visually and generating a sense of immenseness. Another significant design element is a wooden wardrobe, that connects the hallway with the living room. Sharp edge of the wardrobe was rounded for visual flow and lightness of the design, refining a visual link between two spaces. Soft shapes and texture of wood brings balance into otherwise cold apartment.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tbilisi, GE
Firm Role: Interior Design
Additional Credits: Beka Pkhakadze / George Bendelava / Giorgi Zakashvili / Niko Malazonia / Archil Takalandze