Daniel Cifuentes Santander

Daniel Cifuentes Santander

Gilbert, AZ, US


Phoenix Discovery Triangle + AECOME urbanSOS Entry

The Discovery Triangle is a tri-city area partnership between Phoenix, Scottsdale, + Tempe which has been desinated as a place for future economic growth. The parcel I focused on was the old dogtrack property which has become obsolete. The existing Park N’Swap although thought of as a lowest yield use, actually is financial solvent. The idea behind this concept was to design a use which could preserve the locally recognized oval of the dogtrack but open itself to new markets. After further analysis, the highest and best use turned out to be a MLS team in the large hispanic market of the valley. The financial backing would be a mixture of private entitites, the community college district and other donors.


This was also the Team Phoenix competition entry for AECOM's urbanSOS, using a part of the urban design Discovery Triangle project area to develop an urban TOD-oriented project focused on developing a walkable, public transit accessible community through the implementation of design standards. Entry placed top 30 out of 100s.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Phoenix, AZ, US
My Role: Designer, digital model coordinator, animator
Additional Credits: James Atchinson, Samantha Sears, Joe Strayer