Daniel Cifuentes Santander

Daniel Cifuentes Santander

Gilbert, AZ, US


Contract Work

Scottsdale Museum of the West

Contracted to work on some of the conceptual landscape architecture design propositions for the Scottsdale Museum of the West (SMoW). The objective was to show different possible layouts for planters, sidewalk tree planting, and desert bioswale interventions. I also rendered a “western” populated view to harken back to the nostalgic history of the city.

Verrado Club + Pool Project

DMB Associates, the founders and planners of the Town of Verrado, just west of Phoenix had requested CW Architecture to assemble a design team to build the Heritage Club + Pool Amenity. I assembled the presentation boards and created the diagrammatic plan and rendered a conceptual look and feel vignette to present to DMB and other stakeholders in the new pool complex. Verrado currently has a very specific architectural character palette + with project, the designer was trying to introduce a more modern aesthetic.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, US + Verrado, AZ, USA
My Role: Designer, Renderer, Compiler
Additional Credits: Colwell:Schelor
CW Architecture