Skye Ruozzi

Skye Ruozzi

Brooklyn, NY, US


DeForm ReForm

DeForm ReForm was a site specific sculpture to explore the boundaries of what was possible when incrementally deforming copper to harden it into a structural building material. Using a six-axis robot to stretch the copper panels, this experimental project coupled the precision and power of machinery with the whimsy of design. As project manager for a team of six people, I generated the toolpaths for 31 unique copper panels, managed the files and labeling system, maintained the fabrication and construction schedule, and kept constant communication with the team.

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: Mark Parsons, Whitney Rice, Tam Quang, Shake Uzrad, Michael Tingen, Michelle Nevarez, Austin Karcher

Copper Pavilion. ReFORM DeFORM Studio, Pratt Institute School of Architecute. Consortium for Research and Robotics Faculty: Mark Parsons Students: Whitney Rice Tam Quang Shaked Uzrad Skye Ruozzi Michael Tingen Michelle Nevarez Austin Karcher Special thanks to Cole Belmont, and the Pratt Robotics Lab staff. Video by Shaked Uzrad 2015