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Bollettino Ufficiale n. 30 del 25 / 07 / 2002 ANNUNCI LEGALI

Official Bulletin no. 30 of 25/07/2002  

Municipality of Canelli (Asti)

Abstract resolution of the City Council n. 19 of 29.4.2002. Municipal Building Regulations - Regulatory additions to the annexes "A - Plan of Color" and "B - Plan of urban furnishing"

The City Council Resolution

1) to approve the new color palette to be used for the exterior painting of buildings, as regulated by the Color Plan, attached under "B" to this decision to make it an integral and substantial part, acknowledging that the numbering and the numbering remain unchanged naming of individual colors, as well as color charts for the various areas;

2) to approve the new text of the Standards of the Color Plan (Annex "A" of the Municipal Building Regulations), containing all the modifications and additions described in the introduction, attachment sub "C" to this resolution to be an integral and substantial part;

3) to integrate Table 2 (Historic Center) of the Color Plan of the Municipality of Canelli with the identification of the special building number 46, as shown in the attached plan below the letter "D" to the present resolution to make it an integral and substantial part ;

4) to add, following the paragraph 1 of article 4 of the Application standards of the urban furnishing plan (attachment "B" of the Municipal Building Regulations), the following new paragraph:

"1 bis. Limited to the commercial activities dedicated to the public administration of food and drinks (bars, trattorias, pizzerias, restaurants), with explicit and categorical exclusion for any other type of economic activity, the faculty referred to in the previous paragraph is extended to the entire municipal territory . "

5) to acknowledge that all the aforementioned amendments and additions do not involve arguments on which the text approved by the city council can not deviate from that of the standard regulation, without affecting the compliance of the municipal text with the regional standard;

6) to declare therefore, in accordance with the 3rd paragraph of Article 3 of the Regional Law of 8 July 1999, n. 19, that the Municipal Building Regulations, as amended by the present resolution, remains in compliance with the standard regulation formed by the Piedmont Region by resolution of the Regional Council n. 548-9691 of 29/7/1999, adopted pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 1, of the Regional Law of 8 July 1999, n. 19;

7) to acknowledge that the present resolution is subject only to the control of legitimacy and that, having become enforceable, will become effective with the publication for an extract on the Official Bulletin of the Piedmont Region;

8) to acknowledge, finally, that a copy of this resolution will be transmitted, pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 4, of Regional Law 8 July 1999, n. 19, at the Regional Council, Department of Urban Planning.

The Secretary General

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Status: Built
Location: Cannelli, IT
My Role: Planning & Design Lead
Additional Credits: Aldo Cibic & Partners