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Various projects completed, and ongoing:

"Carrier Clinic®, a behavioral healthcare system, has been a trusted source of compassionate help and supportive healing for patients and their families since we opened our doors in 1910.

One of the largest independent, non-profit behavioral healthcare facilities in New Jersey, Carrier Clinic® specializes in psychiatric and substance abuse addiction treatment. We provide a complete array of expert care and education for adolescents and teens, adults, and older adults on the inpatient and residential levels. Outpatient services are provided for ECT treatment and drug abuse addiction." Carrier Clinic Website

"Since 1910, Carrier Clinic has offered a wide array of specialized services to care for individuals suffering from psychiatric and addictive illnesses. Treatment for illnesses such as anxiety, depression, dementia and substance dependence is offered to individuals of every age. Carrier also provides residential and educational programs for adolescents, specialized services for the older adult, and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

The team completed a comprehensive master plan for the 100 acre, 250,000 square foot site.

The design and planning effort included the following spaces: Acute Adult Care, an Adult Psychiatric Addition, Adolescent Unit, a Youth Residential Living Facility, a School Program for 200+ students, Older Adult Units, and a Recovery, Alcohol & Detoxification Unit.

The design takes into consideration operational efficiency, creating a secure and safe therapeutic environment and the application of a best practices model." 

NK Architects, Behavioral Healthcare Architecture Team

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Status: Built
Location: New Jersey, USA
My Role: Behavioral Healthcare Specialist
Additional Credits: Ben Lee (Principal), Irving Leong, Jeff Hassert

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