Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Petrel, ES


Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos

The project is based on the renovation of a house in Petrer with an area of 104m2, distributed in two floors in which there were no intervention since their construction in the 50’s. The main goal of the project was to realize an integral design, looking for the maximum use of the surface, the purity of lines and the precision in the execution.

The deteriorated state of the house, with a very fragmented distribution and little natural light, added to the existence of transversal load walls inside the house, forced an integral reform and to reinforce the structure in a precise way to achieve the spatial connection that would respond to the needs of the new owners. The project proposes a new distribution in order to make the rooms more spacious, with a coherent overall design throughout the house and at the same time achieving a high level of comfort through acoustic, energy and installation improvements.

The desired spatial continuity is reaffirmed with the use of one type of false ceiling and one type of pavement.  The false ceiling is an oak paneling and the pavement is a ceramic tile, with a cement-like appearance, achieving a warm, elegant and serene atmosphere.

A concern of the client was to have a large storage space within the restricted area that was available. The project has tried to take advantage of all possible spaces, to achieve order, equilibrium and serenity. The staircase that connects the two floors is in itself a storage space and service to the living room, which also allows access to the upper floor, where a retractable staircase hidden in the false ceiling allows access to another large integrated wardrobe under cover.

The upper floor now includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This program requires a greater division of the space and the ventilation and natural lighting is provided through the pre-existing patio. In this way, this small patio manages to illuminate the master bedroom and bathroom, one of the secondary bedrooms and, through the skylight, the kitchen / dining area on the lower floor. Included in the design of the upper floor are elements such as cabinets, bedside tables and beds, melting all these elements with the general aesthetic. Each meter of the house is designed to be functional and based on simplicity.

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Status: Built
Location: Petrel, ES
Firm Role: Architect & Interior Designer