Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Petrel, ES


Dental clinic Javier Arroyo

This project is based on a complete refurbishment of an existing commercial space in the center of San Juan de Alicante (Alicante, Spain). The program required a waiting room, exam rooms and other medical services, offices and auxiliary spaces linked to the different rooms. It was a challenge to fit all the needs of the program with such elongated proportions. The purpose was to avoid the feeling of narrowness through all this long corridor.

First of all we find the waiting room, conceived as a cozy and comfortable place. To achieve this, we used wood in the pavement, hanging vegetation and a large window that allows a visual connection to the outside. The reception is perceived as a privileged point of reference from which to control everything happening in the clinic.

All the spaces are organized by the right side of the hallway, mixing public and private spaces. All the exam rooms are directly connected to the auxiliary spaces used only by the medical staff.

The program always required from three exam rooms, each assigned to a particular dental specialty. Being the main parts of the project, we decided to highlight this fact in the corporate image of the same. The logo is shaped in three color dots, and these three colors are reflected in the clinic using them in the pavement of the three main rooms. In addition, the rooms are clearly differentiated by their colors without extra signage.

The use of glass in one of the walls of the corridor has the dual purpose of maximizing the visual amplitude in the exam rooms and in the main office. The lateral division of these rooms is also topped with glass to the ceiling, making the apparent surface of these rooms extend considerably

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Status: Built
Location: San Juan de Alicante, ES
Firm Role: Architect & Interior Designer