Mehek Rahman

Mehek Rahman

Toronto, ON, CA


SOUND: A Study of Oscillating Architecture

The course, ARC201: How to Design Almost Nothing, required students to design around a series of columns using a theme word of their choosing. My chosen word was sound. In this project I depicted sound waves and their oscillatory/wave movements through placing walls (each with their own cut openings which are arranged in a wave pattern) over and under each other in both vertical and horizontal planes, creating waves in both visual perception and in circulation through the spaces. The cut openings in the walls increase in the interior and decrease towards the exterior until the outermost walls have none. This depicts the entrapment of the sound within an enclosed space, as well as its decrease in volume over a distance. The goal of my project was to evoke the scientific aspects of sound, while also creating a compositionally interesting open, yet enclosed space. 

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Status: School Project