Mehek Rahman

Mehek Rahman

Toronto, ON, CA

Competition Design Board: Rendering, plans, elevation and diagrams.
Competition Design Board: Rendering, plans, elevation and diagrams.
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InternatIonal Design Competition: Wooden House in a Forest

In this collaborative project with my fellow classmates, I organised and led our design entry for the competition; arranging meetings, approving design ideas and drawings and allocating work while also producing my own set of drawings and diagrams. Our final project was named COCOON. As per the competition guidelines, we created a sustainable wooden house using passive housing materials within a forested location. We decided to literally connect the house to its natural environment by embedding it almost entirely within the landscape, placing the majority of its section within a steep hill in the forest. Moreover, the facade consists of wooden grooves which also act as a water collection system for plumbing and hydro-electricity (reservoir is located underground). For design continuity, as well as ease of circulation as the exterior, the wooden slats continue to the sides of the building as stair steps (the landscape is also carved for proper balance), simplifying movement along the hill. The home is for a single family of three to live comfortably. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: United States
My Role: Team Leader
Additional Credits: John Shen
Soulaimane Gadraoui
David Botros
Cindy Jiang