Matthew Noe

Matthew Noe

Washington DC


Research Center for Alternate Materials


A rogue man-made pavilion located in the Salton Sea. Programmed as a research facility for the experiment of extracting waters with high salinity in hope of turning excess salt into a building material.


Instructor: Jean Michel Crettaz

Short Story: A New Place: A New Home


Welcome newcomer. 

It was the beginning of a new frontier. The edge of the empire would
be over thousands of miles away. This was a new land, a place for a
new manifest destiny. That was the dream I couldn't help but to have.
It was haunting my every thought like an impossible mission. The
challenges to complete such a task where quite possibly
insurmountable, but we had no choice. It was almost like a virus, or a
plague. Always invading and conquering until there were no more
space to invade. I envisioned a place where many would
gather and create a community out side of the tyranny of the other motherlands. A
new civilization an agrarian typology that would be completely
self-sustainable, that could harness the energy of all the elements
around it: The sun, the water, and the new land to create in harmony a
peaceful truly free civilization.

Captain Briscoe

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US