Matthew Noe

Matthew Noe

Washington DC




Gaia in Greek mythology is the

primordial Earth Goddess.

The great mother of all. Mother

nature to our society. The life force

of the planet that is embodied by all

living things. I use the term because,

in many ways the project is just that,

a contained microcosm for the world

that once was. I say once was because

I think of this thesis as a projection

into a future; maybe parallel, maybe

actual, but most definitely digital. I

begin to wonder what is that world

like, who lives there, what do they do.

Who are these people and what do they

need. Is it even possible to live in such

extreme environments; an

environment that is changing

and slowly dying. Gaia is an

adapting and changing place.

One in which workers or scientists,

agriculturalist or doctors live

with sparse nature, animals

and other beings as the care

takers of one another. All

elements here exist together

to support the life of all the

area. To say the building is

alive is a bold statements but

in a way it is living and is full

of life.

Gaia is a landmass and feed

destination for aviaries, a new

water for the aquatic, a skin

and exoskeleton for desalination

and a new home for all. The

interior is partly a green house

, a new Eden. The lower tier is

for recreation and the upper

levels are for observation and

living. The building rests on top

of several inflatables. Allowing

the ability to be mobile to find

new resources. I would like to

say this project speculates on

technological systems we use

today with hope that these

technologies will grow



Instructor: Jean Michel Crettaz


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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US