Matthew Noe

Matthew Noe

Washington DC


Tokoyo Fashion Museum

Challenges the idea of “thinness” in

architectural surface and skin. The project

takes a singular module type which

Propagates itself over the entire massing.

Much like an article of clothing, the

envelope was designed with individual

panels which are attached together at the

seams. Instead of a shrinkwrapped

envelope, the building “tears” apart at the

seam conditions to reveal interior

programmatic activity, specifically at the

runway level. The specific component

deployed was chosen for it’s sectional

qualities - one surface which splays into a

second, and could be used for additional

structural support or to reach back and

attach to interior members. It investigates

the notion of introducing variation within

this homogenous structure by utilizing

three different conditions of treating the

spaces between - open structure, glazing,

and solid fill. The intensity, and location, of

each condition creates a secondary

figuration which brings the massing into a

cohesive whole.




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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Tokoyo City, Japan, Omotesando St. Aoyama Neighborhood, Minato-ward