Kartik Shah

Kartik Shah

Fremont, CA, US


Dharavi _ Unravelling the Chaos

In an incredibly narrow residential alley in Dharavi, families brush up against one another as they scramble for the three hours of water provided each day. The expansive slum, with an estimated 600,000 burgeoning population is crammed into a settlement built without brick and mortar. This project is an attempt to solve the ever-growing issues of the metro cities like Mumbai. The organic yet inorganic growth of the slum is to be analyzed and understood as a design problem in itself and is to be resolved by the best possible architectural solution. Talking about the solution, Slum Redevelopment Authority(SRA) is working in the same direction but the question rises that are they successful enough? This thesis emphasizes on doing that bare minimum for those who have the right to own their house at almost same considerable rates.

Mentor : Ar Azaz Culcuttawala

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Status: School Project
Location: Mumbai, IN