Benjamin Hensel

Benjamin Hensel

Indianapolis, IN, US


Display of Brian Cooley's Feathered T-Rex Head

This project is the permanent display of artist, Brian Cooley's Feathered T-Rex head at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It is unique display offers visitors the opportunity to go back in time and take a picture with a dinosaur, but they must beware that he is quite ferocious! The design is all inclusive; the photograph space is made for wheelchair access with sufficient turn around space and a low sitting viewport.

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Status: Built
Location: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
My Role: Designed order of space and dimensions, scheduled products, designed groundwork and wall, designed plant distribution, responsible for computer modeling, conceptual and presentation rendering.
Additional Credits: Lisa Coleman (Project Manager) , Ned Shaw (Head of Design), Matt Nehaus (Production Manager), Craig Wetli (Senior Designer), Zach Cruz (Craftsman), Brian Cooley (Artist of Dinosaur Head), Mike Lucas (Head of Production)