Benjamin Hensel

Benjamin Hensel

Indianapolis, IN, US


Cripe Design Competition 2014 - Migrant Worker Housing

Housing complex designed to serve migrant workers and their families, aimed at providing services and utilities for residents to sustain healthy lives and establish a strong sense of community. 

Problem: Migrant working families often live in conditions that would be considered unacceptable for the lives of American citizens. These working families also have limited access to amenities, and also commonly have to live in a nomadic nature. The site provided for this project is located in an arid climate, and also has arsenic in the ground water. 

Concept: The idea of this project is to provide amenities to migrant families, such as land to grow food, health and recreation, and houses with open plans and passive systems. This project also explores addressing the arsenic within the groundwater in a manner that would allow residents to use the water on site.

Result: This project is built on a neatly organized grid with amenities strategically placed to allow residents ease of access. Water towers with filtration systems have been designed for the site, allowing residents to use groundwater. There are houses designed for both individuals and families, addressing different styles of living. Each house uses natural light, and are constructed with rammed earth. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Southern California
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Reed Thompson (Project Partner)