Hardik Bhimani

Hardik Bhimani

San Francisco, CA, US


Urban Design Studio. resisting recidivism (spring 2019)

Several prisons have worked in a circular manner that includes maximum surveillance and hierarchy by the centralized security that has a 360-degree view of all the inmates. The panopticon has power and control embedded in it. It is designed to produce a system of containment, punishment while removing the existing freedoms. In doing so, all traditional aspects of human life are forgotten. This begins with surveillance and security.
I have proposed a quarter circle that does not have a center but instead a field condition and subtle hierarchy by way of courtyards which tries to switch the control and re-distribute the embedded power of the panopticon. The various scales of courtyards and residential units around them, create different scales of sub-divisions then eventually create obstructions that become harder to monitor and eventually lead to less surveillance. I have created connections with the general people in a sectional manner where the public acts as an interface between the housing level and the working level of the people using the facility. Also, the courtyard acts as an interface where the people of this facility and the public can have visual communication and be in the same space but separated through circulation. Unit level plan: It shows the different scales of courtyards and housing units and thus shows different scales of communities from. 

This project was presented at Seoul Biennale 2019

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: Group Project with Vaidehi Davda.
Additional Credits: This was the group project with Vaidehi Davda under the guidance of professor Neeraj Bhatia at California College of the Arts.