Hardik Bhimani

Hardik Bhimani

San Francisco, CA, US


Boyant Ecologies. The cultural extension (spring 2019)

Our project focuses on the youth and the way their culture behaves on land. Translating the behavior Maldivians do on land such as sharing and having more commune spaces (Holuashi), is an inspiration to translate these moments and move them into the water. The idea is to create an extension line on the south-west of the island that connects the main street and grows perpendicular towards the harbor, as a translation of these shared spaces by connecting them all and applying them to the design. This idea of the extension line will represent the future growth of the island continuously growing straight towards the Harbor which will be their primary income as the harbor would incorporate a market to support the economy. The market would essentially be an exchange between the Maldivians, tourists, and the youth. Our 3 modules need to be all connected at the same in order to be stable just as the Maldivian families have the culture of the extended families. You need to support each other in order to be stable. This design is a representation of their communal lifestyle.

This project was presented in Autodesk Technology Center.
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Status: School Project
Location: Maldives
My Role: Group Project with Vaidehi Davda & Carlos Miranda
Additional Credits: This project was done under the supervision of Professor Margaret Ikeda and Professor Evan Jones.

Flythrough video over the island showing the floating houses.