Hardik Bhimani

Hardik Bhimani

San Francisco, CA, US


Housing Studio. ‘Living on the grid’ (fall 2018)

The idea is of a collective learning and working facility that is separated from the units while still being inviting and allows artists to indulge their inclination towards their ideology to interact in a social and positively stimulating environment where the working spaces are interconnected through the way of voids that also allows light into the studios and privacy from the units but integrated at the same time.
Within the building, spaces and voids provide light and circulation that allows for the artists and their family members to interact horizontally and vertically from their private units to collective working spaces while maintaining the privacy but to also help look after their children at the same time while working. The voids and flexible sliding screens within the circulation space act as the interface between the shared and private spaces that will allow people to wander from one studio to another that will promote an inviting environment for education and collective learning as well as
provide privacy according to its use. The design would also aim at the public program of creating workshops for young artists by the artists in the housing at the ground level that would help generate income for the building. The arts are a magnet that attracts businesses by creating jobs and stabilizing property values in the Mission which will help to hold the artists intact. The art education helps to lend opportunities to learn and practice visual art forms by serving a mix of artists thus creating an ‘art world’ for artists.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: Individual Project
Additional Credits: This project was done under the guidance of Professor Antje Steinmuller, Professor Cesar Lopez, and Professor E.B. Min from California College of the Arts.