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SINGAPORE; Located in the developed industrial area of Singapore, the new HP facility takes advantage of utilities already in place such as the separate channel provided by the Public Utilities Board for a direct supply of non potable water. This  building is projected to use 78.7% less potable water than a comparable non green building.

For energy consumption, 35% of energy usage for the HP building  is being offset against total energy consumed.

To cut back on materials and resources, the builders recycled at least 75% of the deconstruction and construction waste from the site. Furniture from an previous HP office were also reused for its fit-out. Centering importance around occupant health as well as comfort, an emphasis was given to indoor air quality. 

Low VOC materials are used and an indoor air monitoring system is implemented. The production area of the facility also supplies 100% fresh air.

After a year, a verification survey will be conducted to measure whether occupants are satisfied with thermal comfort levels. Should 20% of the occupants feel dissatisfied, a corrective action plan will take place to ensure that comfortable temperatures and relative humidity are maintained. 

An enhanced building energy commissioning system will take place 10 months after substantial project completion. The performance testing that will be conducted will check whether the main system is operating as efficiently as promised.

Education will also be carried out for the building maintenance team and a system manual is being produced for future operation staff. 

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG
Firm Role: Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Consultant