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“This office tower presents fresh opportunities to develop a city centre which is at the cutting edge of sustainable design. It is a green building both physically and environmentally. I am pleased that the joint developers fully support the Government’s initiatives to improve energy efficiency in our buildings and enhance greenery in Singapore”

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin – Minister of State for National Development and Manpower

Award: Green Mark Platinum 

Capitagreen is one of the greenest office buildings in the Singapore business district. A key green feature is the cool void at its centre core, which channels fresh cool air from the rooftop to the office floors. The wind scoops are orientated to the prevailing winds and at 245 metres, the dynamic pressure of the wind is converted into positive static pressure to reduce of load of handling units. 

The design of Capitagreen takes inspiration from organic elements. With more than half the facade will be covered with various flourishing plants and vertical greenery, sky terraces at levels 14 and 26, and a sky forest at level 40, Capitagreen does give one a image of a luscious plant growing into the sky. By designing with nature, 

Floor cooling curtain glass walls with double skin facade reduces heat gain by 26% and allows daylighting to seep into the space, allowing occupants to enjoy the panoramic views of the Marina Bay and the Central Business District without having to feel the warmth of the afternoon sun. 

Other key features: 

• Estimated energy savings: 4,563,420 kWh/yr; estimated water savings: 34,536 m3/yr; ETTV: 37.13 W/m2
• Tropical façade design with low-e glass to reduce solar heat gain
• Highly efficient chillers and zoning to reduce energy consumption
• Motion sensors for staircases and toilets
• Photosensors for offices and sun pipes at restaurants and gym
• Extensive vertical greenery to reduce urban heat gain
• Recovery of demolition materials for recycling

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG
Firm Role: Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Consultant