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Set to redefine one’s travel experience, the new Terminal 4 (T4) will be built with the basis of sustainable planning being integrated into its construction methodologies.

Set for completion in 2017, the design and construction focus of T4 will be placed on operational efficiency, emissions, energy efficiency, noise management as well as water management.

Green features include the installation of energy efficient lighting and motion sensors, water efficient fittings, as well as double glazed glass fitted with solar shading films to let natural light into the building (minimizes need for artificial lighting and air-conditioning).

Stretching across the galleria, an energy saving glass skylight will create a sense of openess with greenery and natural lighting- something synonymous to the Changi Airport signature. Smaller petal shaped skylights would also add on to daylighting.

Local culture and heritage-theme features will also be infused into the design with old Peranakan shophouses as facades of the retail stores.

In keeping up with Changi Airport’s passenger centric model, T4 will also boast breakthrough features to raise levels of productivity with a range of self- service options where passengers can expect to whizz through touchpoints with ease.

With a gross floor area of about 195,000sq.m – or about 27 football pitches, the Terminal will facilitate a planned annual capacity of 16 million passenger movements and this will bring Changi Airport’s total annual passenger to 82 million. 

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore City, SG
Firm Role: Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Consultants
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