Gabriel Smith FAIA

Gabriel Smith FAIA

New York, NY, US


Waller Creek

Waller Creek begins north of The University of Texas at Austin campus and meanders throughout downtown, with its tail waters ultimately connected with Lady Bird Lake.  The focus of design and revitalization efforts will run from approximately 15th Street to Lady Bird Lake.  This scope touches the following areas:
Approximately 20 city blocks — equivalent to 1.5 miles in length and 28 acres in size that was previously encumbered by a floodplain.  This land represents 11 percent of downtown Austin.
Boundaries of The University of Texas at Austin, the Capitol of Texas, Seton Healthcare, the Austin Convention Center, and a myriad of hotels, restaurants, residences, live music venues and other businesses.
Two city parks - Palm and Waterloo - as well as additional open spaces like Symphony Square and Waller Beach.
A wide range of biota, including numerous types of fish, ducks, trees, plants and more

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Austin, TX, US
Additional Credits: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and Thomas Phifer & Partners