Gabriel Smith FAIA LEED AP

Gabriel Smith FAIA LEED AP

New York, NY, US


Glenstone II Art Museum

From Architect Magazine:

"Glenstone is now embarking upon an expansion to strengthen its commitment to the public. The centerpiece of this project will be a new exhibition building designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. Its principal feature will be a series of discrete pavilions—in effect gallery rooms—surrounding a central water courtyard, with many of the pavilions devoted to single-artist installations. The building will significantly expand Glenstone’s gallery space and provide increased support facilities. Landscape architects Peter Walker and Partners will oversee a revised masterplan of Glenstone’s landscape. The expansion project will incorporate a new public entrance and visitor amenities to support a more comfortable and rewarding visit."

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Potomac, MD, US
My Role: Project Director
Additional Credits: Thomas Phifer, Gabriel Smith, Andrew Mazor, Michael Trudeau, Rebecca Garnett, Jon Benner, John Bassett, Bethany Mahre, Robert Chan, Lamare Wimberly, Elijah Porter, Isaiah King