Dimitra Tampaki

Dimitra Tampaki

London, GB



AADRL [agent-based architecture workshop]
Studio : Theodore Spyropoulos
Assistant : Mostafa El-Sayed . Manuel Jimenez Garcia
Cooperation with: Irem Dokmeci . Dimitra Pavlakou . Angel Tenorio 

This research, creating an evolving structure using flocking behaviour of agents, and the connection of different geometries; has been an important step to see the creation of a structure, not completely predictable.

The structural stability of the created geometry could be improved, modifying the global and local geometries according to the achieved results. Together with this, existing experiment provided a certain value of  control over the behaviour of agents and accumulation of data (creation of nest), a creation process through time, but still a static creation existed over the pre-existing structure. To achieve a dynamically changing system and creation, the accumulated data could as well be processed by the agents, that would result in a non-ending creation process, the system would regenerate itself simultaneously over its creation. Therefore, the amount of control and interference to the system would be minimised. 

In today’s discussions of adaptive and self-regulatory systems, this algorithm may have many fields of applications. 

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Status: Built