Bonan Zhu

Bonan Zhu

Sheffield, GB


Re-making Gainsbourough

This is a team project that works with the actual clients (local council). The client’s initial brief outlined the need to investigate ways regenerating four key study areas: connecting Lea Road Railway Station with the town center, enhancing the Riverside, developing a strategy sustaining a living town center and developing a Greenway strategy for the town.

With the further research and analysis, we refine the initial brief. It centered around crystallizing the cultural and social anchors, developing a Gainsborough signage and street furniture strategy that could lead from the Lea Road Station to the Old Hall and increasing the footfall across the town from east to west. We pinpointed this need for a hierarchy of routes and increased visual cues as a cornerstone of our further design strategy.

The outcome of this 6-week study will assist the generation of a Gainsborough supplementary planning document focusing on these areas. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Gainsborough, GB