Bonan Zhu

Bonan Zhu

Sheffield, GB


Growing City-Residential design

The inspiration comes from Morocco. In Morocco, everything possible is mixed together-people, donkeys, sheep, stores, mosques, restaurants. The scent of mint and tobacco is mixed with strange smell emitted from the human body. Walk through an alley which is full of stores and arrive at a street with houses on both sides. They are a hotchpotch with all possibilities. All the roads, paths, small squares, public places for water drinking and commercial streets are gathered together in crisscrosses. Various areas can mix together.


This design aims to build a free, open and convenient community. Inside it, maybe the house is near a commercial facility and next to the commercial facility is a restaurant. The public area may be nearby while the opposite is a library. Or perhaps a small gallery is built somewhere without expectation. Build every function based on people’s experience and provide public space as if it is “naturally” developed instead of being planned. Provide a natural, comfortable and convenient community for the hard-working people inside the industrial park.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chongqing, CN