Ashna Jaiswal

Ashna Jaiswal

Philadelphia, PA, US


Triboro Line : Randall's Island

An oasis in middle of New York city, Randall and ward’s park comprises an island between East Harlem, south Bronx, Astoria and queens. One of the main recreational hubs, park has undergone major transformation in recent year. In 1992, sports foundation was formed to revive the park and started working alongside Manhattan parks and recreation. The park was first designated as a sports center by Robert Moses and was opened in 1936  along with tri boro bridge. Presently, the subway line and the highway cross through the middle of the island, at a height of 70 feet, making the site an infrastructural block to humans. The aim of the project is to propose a station for the tri boro, regenerate the ecosystem, rezoning or introducing development, alongside maintaining a balance in recreational facilities apart from sports. The main challenge is to incorporate and successfully engage the existing transport heavy infrastructure in the design and bring it down to human scale.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US