Ashna Jaiswal

Ashna Jaiswal

Philadelphia, PA, US

Collapsed map + Min mapping Broadway
Collapsed map + Min mapping Broadway
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Studio Broadway : Self Autonomous Communities

The idea of working in the future, with the future. The world has been divided into two, one of the concrete jungles made by us and one which we yet have not destroyed. “The concept of dividing river and land by a blue line does not exist anymore, as it should not have ever. We have come to realize that there is wetness 

Everywhere, some places very minute, some very prevalent making rivers.”

The realization of co-habiting, living tighter and closer, yet 
Respecting other natural beings, and making habitats for them 
within our cities. The idea has been challenged, given the recent situations, where living closer and tighter is not the norm anymore.  
Globalization has come to a hault, making us realise the need of self sufficiency more than ever.

How and why do we design for them?

It should not be a world of capitalism anymore, it should be about every community working and producing for themselves, 
Functioning independently as per their social structure, connected to each other via new means of clean energy transport.
The idea of wealthier communities (countries), exploiting and green washing poorer (pre-colonised countries) comes out of the inefficiency in terms of surviving on their own, leaving the latter to suffer the consequences.

Designing cities to cater to self autonomous communities, reduces the inter-dependency, is ecologically better functioning and socially more just.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer, Curator