Arturo Fuentes

Arturo Fuentes

Denver, CO, US


NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four 2019

Event overlay and temporary design is an abstract science. From master planning an event to detailing temporary broadcast booths, there is a wide range of services associated with it. In the case of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, it involves designing the temporary security perimeter & screening areas, event logistics and essentially building a temporary 20,000 spectator basketball arena inside a football stadium.

For over 5 years, I had the pleasure of working with the NCAA on making this event a reality; 3 years as a designer and 2 years as a lead designer. As the design director, I oversaw all design, construction and operational decisions, while sticking to a multi-million budget and a tight time line. During the on-site building and operations phase, I oversaw a team of 14 people and was in charge of delivering the venue to the client’s highest customer facing and quality standards. 

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Status: Built
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US
My Role: Lead Designer, Campus Construction Manager
Additional Credits: I worked on this project during my time at Populous. Special thanks go to Marc Klein, Principal and Project Manager, Joseph Dugan, Marcelle Chatelain and Shannon White.