Arturo Fuentes

Arturo Fuentes

Denver, CO, US


1702 California St - Renovation

New house in an old shell. This house, built originally in 1940, was in need of a full renovation. The client required a house that could be subdivided and rented for short-term stays. With that in mind, the master bedroom was separated into its own unit, while the rest of the house remains separate, offering the possibility to rent it out on a longer term lease. In the attic, an independent studio was created, with its own separate entrance to avoid disturbing the other guests. 

New plumbing, new electrical, new HVAC. A wall was removed to combine the dinning room and kitchen into a new space. Custom cabinets and island were designed, built and installed. 

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Status: Built
Location: Houston, TX, US
My Role: Designer, construction manager, project manager.