Jessica Underhill

Jessica Underhill

New York, NY, US


transitional shelter and health center

transitional shelter and health center
Charlottesville, Virginia | spring 2010 | Rosana Rubio-Hernandez

individual rooms and balconies, screened walkways and a sunken courtyard emphasize a sense of privacy and independence; large breezeways provide distances between administration and residential areas, contained in a separate building to the north and oriented to the existing hope community center.  the two residential branches face each other, looking inwards to the courtyard.  these above ground floors are separated by the sunken floor containing communal facilities such as dining, classrooms, and counseling, framing the terraced courtyard on three sides.   the larger site plan calls for new pathways to re-establish connections within the 10th and page community as well as to the venable neighborhood.

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Status: School Project
Location: Charlottesville, VA, US


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