Kyle Silverstein

Kyle Silverstein

Houston, TX, US



I am a graduate of the University of Houston - School of Architecture. I have nearly 4 years of interdisciplinary work  experience, primarily in structural engineering.  I am actively seeking an architectural position that would challenge me to innovate rather than regurgitate.  I am young, and full of great ideas, initiative, and very dedicated to my work. 

Any spare time of mine is filled with ways to expand my experience as a creative designer, including designing furniture, artwork, graphic design, and competing in design competitions. 


Paramount Engineering LLC, Production Manager/Drafter

Please refer to my resume

Dec 2007 - current


University of Houston, BArch, Architecture

An eclectic education in history of design (architecture and industrial), styles, modeling, drafting, etc.

The focus of my undergrad thesis was the integration of sustainable, low-income, low-cost housing initiative for a poor suburb in Latin America, combined with a senior level Latin American Anthropology class's lessons.

See my resume for more information.

May 2003 - May 2008

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